About Us

1st Tactical Defense teaches everything from the history of our nation and firearms to safety to advanced marksmanship and tactical defense. All of our courses cover the importance of why our founding fathers put the 2nd amendment in our constitution. Every course is taught with the strictest standards of safety both in the classroom and on the range. Students are given the utmost attention as needed to understand the concepts taught in each course. The CA Penal Code is always at hand and referenced constantly to ensure questions regarding law are properly answered with support for the student from the law as it is written.

Seth Stoke, founder of 1st Tactical Defense, proudly served in the Infantry of the United States Army and brings the training and experience he gained, crossed with NRA Instruction and training to the classroom for your benefit. Choosing a profession in something he loves, Seth shows his passion for firearms and safety in each of his classes and demonstrates to his students the proper knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to own and operate firearm in their daily life.  Continuing his education with the NRA to further your knowledge is always on the table. In addition to Seth’s prior military experience, Seth is also an accomplished NRA Instructor of 4 disciplines as well as an NRA Range Safety Officer, a DOJ Firearm Instructor, a Hunter Education Instructor for the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, and a R.O. for the USPSA.  Seth is also an avid Outdoorsman.  He spends his free time Backpacking and Hunting all over Northern California and the West Coast.  A family man, Seth cherishes his experience in the outdoors and passing on the knowledge and skills of hunting and Mountaineering to his 6 children all of which are found quite frequently on the trailhead or tracking fresh game with him.

Range officer Don Buckley, Sr. Instructor Seth Stoke, Range Officer Tom Wehrlie and Instructor Jason Hanes.

Range officer Don Buckley, Sr. Instructor Seth Stoke, Range Officer Tom Wehrlie and Instructor Jason Hanes.

Instructor Jason Hanes is an NRA Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer, as well as two other Instructor disciplines with the NRA. He is also an accomplished Hunters Education Instructor for the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.  Jason has been an avid hunter all his life bagging an array of game and experiences.  He enjoys taking new sportsmen out and teaching them proper etiquette needed for today’s hunter and enjoys sharing in their success.

Instructor Tom Wehrlie served 4 years in the United Stated Army including 1 Tour in Iraq.  A local, Tom grew up in the Trinity Mountains and joined the Army after High School.  After his service, Tom went on to better himself gaining his Bachelors Degree in Business Management. Tom is a Range Safety Officer, and a Hunters Education Instructor for the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.  When Tom isn’t teaching on the range he is usually found guarding our local city working as a Private Security Contractor for local businesses and also guarding our local Hospital.

Instructor Don Buckley served 8 years as an Airman in the United States Air Force.  Traveling the world as a crew member on a C-141 Starlifter,  Don has worked as support for all branches of the Military.  His experience with a firearms is extensive,  as his marksmanship with a pistol.  Don has been with us from the beginning, specializing in pistols training.  His love of revolvers shines on the range as does his patience and knowledge, which he enjoys passing on.  Don is an NRA Pistol Instructor as well as an NRA Range Safety Officer.  Don is also an accomplished hunter and woodsman.  Growing up in Siskiyou County, his pastimes of hunting and mountaineering seeps out in his stories on the range.