Each of our courses are taught by a NRA Certified Instructor. This Instructor will teach the classroom section of each of the courses. Range sections of the courses will be taught by the NRA Instructor along with Range Officers ensuring safety, as well as minimizing the number of students per instructors ratio. Our goal at 1st Tactical Defense is to provide quality training for each and every student in every class we teach so each student leaves the course qualified and completely comfortable with all the material taught during the course; one on one help will always be available when needed.


All courses will offer complimentary water, coffee and snacks as refreshments.

Cancelation Policy: 5 day cancelation policy to receive a refund. To cancel you must call 530.917.2500. If you leave a message you are not confirmed canceled until you hear back from the Instructor. If your message was left 5 days before your class and confirmation not received until later, you will receive credit. If you wish to reschedule, we still ask for 5 days notice. This allows 1st Tactical Defense to open your seat to another student.