Advanced Courses

gunclassOur advanced pistol course at 1st Tactical Defense is a full 8 hours on the range beginning with draw stroking techniques from the holster. Learn to safely draw from inside the waistband, cross draw, purse draw, draw from a shoulder holster or ankle holster and all concealed positions.

Throughout the day we will work through shooting on the move and from behind cover. Students learn to identify a threat or multiple threats and how to engage them in the proper order while being certain of the safety of innocent bystanders. By the end of the day you will be able to shoot with your off hand and single handedly reload and rack your pistol. Real life scenarios will put you in positions to learn how to safely and effectively eliminate threats.

If you have taken one of our courses before you know the knowledge and energy that you get out of our classes, and we guarantee this will top any of them!

This course is limited to 10 students per range. And has a pre-requisite of a CCW Course.

Each student will need the following items:

  • A handgun: You may use one of 1st Tactical Defense’s handguns if you do not have one. There is a minimal fee of $15.00 for this service and it does not include your ammunition. You will find the option to add this to your cart below.
  • Ammunition: 200 rounds of ammunition for the handgun you intend to use on the range. 1st Tactical Defense can supply these if needed for a fee. Please let the Instructor know before the range section of the course if you will be needing this supplied for you. Prices vary depending on the type of ammunition needed.
  • Hearing Protection.
  • Eye Protection: Prescription glasses are acceptable
  • 2 magazines or Reloading Devices: For the handgun you intend to use during the qualifying section of this course. If you use one of 1st Tactical Defense’s handguns, this will be provided for you.
  • Closed Toed Shoes.
  • A Hand Towel.
  • Baseball Cap/Sun Protection (optional)
  • Folding Chair (optional)


1st Tactical Defense will provide coffee for breakfast and  does a BBQ of hotdogs, chips, soda and water for lunch. The range is out of distance of leaving for lunch so if you want to bring your own food or drinks be sure and do so.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with an instructor you can email us at or call530.917.2500.

  • Course Fee: $200.00
  • Firearm Fee: $20.00