CCW Firearm Qualification

Firearm qualification course for ONE firearm – each additional firearm needs to be added as an additional course! This course is required for any firearm to be added to a CCW Permit. You must qualify with each firearm for it to be added to your permit. Highly recommended that the CCW carrier practices prior to qualification and feels efficient with their firearm. This course is only to qualify! This is not a training course. If training is required, please call for private instruction. Qualification is at 7 yards, 4 stages, 5 rounds per stage. 80% accuracy required to qualify – (16/20) – inside the 9 ring of a B-27 silhouette target (approx a 9 in pie plate) Please bring 50 rounds of ammunition (1 box) per qualifying firearm, up to 3 firearms. This will allow for 10 practice rounds and 2 attempts for qualification.

Target: B-27 PRO-G Silhouette or equivalent

Qualification: 80%- 16/20 Shots within the 9 ring (line counts)

Course of Fire: Static course at 7 yards line, 4 volleys, 20 rounds total, no time limit. Reload between stages (if necessary). Shoot entire course strong-hand supported.

  • First Volley- 5 rounds, scan and re-holster
  • Second Volley- 5 rounds, scan and re-holster
  • Third Volley- 5 rounds, scan and re-holster
  • Fourth Volley- 5 rounds, scan and re-holster