CCW Renewal Course


This is a 4-hour course, due to AB 2301 (the expansion of the CCW process), it is required that the applicant qualifies with each firearm in which they intend to carry. It is offered on selective Sunday and Wednesday mornings, please see calendar for upcoming dates. The course consists of a review of new and updated California concealed weapons laws and Penal Codes as well as 1stTactical Defense’s Personal Protection course. CCW holders must renew their permit with the county Sheriff every two years by taking a renewal course and qualifying with the firearms they wish to place on their CCW, and by submitting an application to the Sheriff. This course is taken at the pistol range located at the Iron Mountain shooting range (also known as the Keswick shooting range), for Shasta County. When offered in other counties, location will be noted with course date.

Course Fee: $75.00

CCW Renewal Instruction Portion:

  • Responsibilities of a CCW carrier
  • Understanding what it means to be a citizen held to “a higher standard”
  • 5 Rules for carrying a CCW
  • Understanding the use of deadly force (identifying “imminent danger”)
  • The aftermath of a deadly force encounter
  • 5 Places you cannot carry CCW in California
  • New laws to be looking out for for the upcoming years
  • New laws that went in to effect this year

CCW Renewal Range Portion:

  • Qualification with each pistol to be listed on carrier’s CCW
    • up to 3 firearms, inclusive w/course
    • Additional firearms (up to 2 additional, or maximum 5 total for Shasta County) are an additional $25 which you will need to bring with you

Student MUST BRING on Range Day:

  1. Handgun (Registered to the Student or Spouse) -the pistol you bring to qualify at the time of the course need to be the same that you plan on having listed on CCW application. You may qualify with up to 3 handguns for initial application
  2. Ammunition: 100 rounds for the primary pistol and at least 50 rounds for each additional pistol. This offers practice ammunition & enough required for the CCW Qualification Test.
  3. Hearing Protection: This is something that you should already own as safe and healthy practice in owning a firearm. Foam Drum Inserts and up to any Ear Muff including Electronic are allowed.
  4. Eye Protection: Prescription glasses and sunglasses are acceptable but not always applicable in low light levels. Firearm Safety Glasses are inexpensive and ownership and usage is not only required but also a safe and responsible practice.
  5. Folding Chair: As a portion of this range day is instructional and held on an open range, it is required that you bring a chair to allow students to rest in between range time.
  6. 2 magazines or Reloading Devices preferred: Students that do not own, or cannot attain, a 2nd magazine or speed loader (Revolvers) before the date of the range may still attend, but a second magazine/speed loader allows the students to gain the best training offered during this course.
  7. Closed Toe Shoes: Ranges offer all kinds of hazards from sharp rocks to hot shell casings from expended ammunition. It is imperative that the student wears shoes according to the weather as well as to the dangers on the range.
  8. 1 Bath Towel: This is always understood once on the range but is required per student. Not a washcloth, or beach towel. Please just bring a regular Bath Towel.
  9. Baseball Cap/Sun Protection (optional)

Course Fee: $75.00

Don’t forget to renew! Keep your right to bear arms at all times! 

If you have any questions or would like to speak with an instructor you can email us or call 530.917.2500.

Course Fee: $75.00

Cancelation Policy: 5 day cancelation policy to receive a refund. To cancel you must call 530.917.2500. If you leave a message you are not confirmed canceled until you hear back from the Instructor. If your message was left 5 days before your class and confirmation is not received until later, you will receive credit. If you wish to reschedule, we still ask for 5 days notice. This allows 1st Tactical Defense to open your seat to another student.