Hunter’s Education


Registration has changed as of January 1, 2016.  The California Dept of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) now requires all registrations to be done on their new program on the DFW website through their new registration program.  To register please visit the link and carefully follow the directions at the bottom of this page.



Hunter’s Education is offered in two ways.  A Full Classroom Lecture is offered in the traditional setting.  Also a Take Home Workbook or an optional On-Line Study Class is also offered to the student with a abnormal or irregular calendar that needs the option to study from home.

Traditional Classroom Lecture

Hunter’s Education has been taught traditionally in a classroom-like setting where the student has the comfort of a controlled environment to allow the student the full opportunity to learn about safety, firearms, ethical hunting, and conservation in a relaxed atmosphere .  We strive to maintain that tradition in our full 10-12 hour lecture which we usually break up into 2 days, where we thoroughly explain the importance of “Today’s Hunter in California” and descriptively explain the 10 commandments of Firearm Safety, firearms and ammunition knowledge, Archery, Muzzleloaders,  Why we have Hunting laws, Conservation vs. Preservation, the roll and responsibility the Hunter has in today’s world, and much more.  After the study and review of the Textbook, the instructor administers the state Hunter’s Education Exam.  After completion of the exam, they are graded and those students that pass will be immediately issued the Hunter’s Safety Card.

Take Home/On-Line Study

Another option of completing Hunters Education is the Take Home/On-Line Study.  This course can be completed one of two ways. The first option is to pick up and complete the “Today’s Hunter in California” Workbook followed by a “Today’s Hunter in California” Textbook and Study-guide (Both are Free of Charge) from either the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife or you can also pick one up at Bastiani Arms in Redding, Ca.  The second option is to complete the On-line Study from one of the approved online study websites listed on the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife website.  These classes include California, California, California Hunter Ed Course and International Hunter Education Association.  After the completion of the one of these courses print out the “Course Completion Voucher” or “Certificate” .  

After completing the Take Home Workbook -OR- On-Line Study, done at the student’s convenience and own time, they would then need the follow up class which is what we offer. The class is four hours long and during the class we review the workbook/online study and briefly the Textbook. Following the review the Instructor will administer the State Exam.


Both courses have a 100 question test and require an 80% or higher to pass.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with an instructor you can email us at or call530.917.2500.

Course Fee: $15.00

To Register: The new registration requirements as of January 1st, 2016 are done on the CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife main website.

*****NOTE***** Follow the directions from this page carefully. Make sure to read each step and keep all pages open as the registration process will navigate you to several different pages, but will need all pages to complete registration.


Upon completion of registration: The registration submitted will be emailed to 1st Tactical Defense to reserve your seat on the date you have selected. Payment to be submitted in person at the start of the class.

Cancellation Policy: 5 day cancellation policy to receive a refund. To cancel you must call 530.917.2500. If you leave a message you are not confirmed canceled until you hear back from the Instructor. If your message was left 5 days before your class and confirmation not received until later, you will receive credit. If you wish to reschedule, we still ask for 5 days notice. This allows 1st Tactical Defense to open your seat to another student.