Women’s Only Multi-State CCW Course

This course covers the same material as the Multi-State CCW Course but is for Women Only! So ladies, get your friends together and come learn to protect yourselves and your rights!


Our CCW Course is comprised of a NRA Basic Pistol Course and 1st Tactical Defense Personal Protection Course. Together the student will be in the classroom for 8 hours and on the range for another 5 hours. CCW Courses are taught on the weekends, full day classroom on Saturday and half day range on Sunday. 1st Tactical Defense has it’s classroom at Bastiani Arms at 905 Wall St. Redding, CA. Shasta County requires that you take an approved CCW course, then schedule an appointment with the Sheriff within 60 days for an interview to apply for a permit.

This course covers the following curriculum:

  • Handgun Safety, Storage, and Transportation
  • CCW Holder Responsibilities
  • CA Penal Codes Related to CCW Carrying
  • Live Fire Exercises Related to Defensive Shooting
  • County and State Laws for CCW Holders

Each student will need the following materials:

  • A Handgun: You may use one of 1st Tactical Defense’s handguns if you do not have one. Please let the Instructor know you will be needing to do this when you register for the course.
  • Ammunition: 150 rounds of ammunition for the handgun you intend to use to qualify for the course. 1st Tactical Defense can supply these if needed for a fee. Please let the Instructor know before the range section of the course if you will be needing this supplied for you.
  • Hearing Protection.
  • Eye Protection: Prescription glasses are acceptable.
  • 2 Magazines or Reloading Devices: For the handgun you intend to use during the qualifying section of the course. If you use one of 1st Tactical Defense’s handguns, this will also be provided.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with an instructor you can email us at Seth@1stTacticalDefense.com or call530.917.2500.

Course Fee: $125.00
Contact us to enroll

Cancelation Policy: 5 day cancelation policy to receive a refund. To cancel you must call 530.917.2500. If you leave a message you are not confirmed canceled until you hear back from the Instructor. If your message was left 5 days before your class and confirmation not received until later, you will receive credit. If you wish to reschedule, we still ask for 5 days notice. This allows 1st Tactical Defense to open your seat to another student. 

Due to a lack of interest there is not currently a ‘schedule’ for a Ladies Only CCW. Contact us if you are interested and we will be happy to put one on the calendar!