Gift Certificates

¬†If you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate, you may now do so online! You may also contact us via phone or e-mail to purchase gift certificates in person. Please remember that Hunter’s Education courses cannot be purchased through us as gift certificates. To refer to cost of courses offered, please go to corresponding pages to explain costs.

To purchase online, follow these simple instructions:

1. Simply ‘Add to Cart.’

2. Add quantity until your order equals the amount you would like your gift certificate to be for.

3. When completing the registration page, it is imperative that you add to the special instruction section who the certificate is To, From and if it is for a specific dollar amount or if you would like it to say a course specific gift. (If it is for a course, make sure the purchased value matches the course price!)

4. Be sure and include a phone number to reach YOU at and an address the certificate may be mailed to. If you require special requirements here (as in you want to come pick it up), please include that in the special instructions as well.

5. We will contact you to verify personal information before sending you your certificate to be sure your gift arrives exactly how you want it!

Gift Certificate Amount